• We are passionate about providing a quality service, after all that’s how we earn our money. We know that if we continue to be passionate about our service we will retain our Clients and they will recommend us to new ones.

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will normally catch our Managers down on site inspecting the services we are supplying. We have a flexible staffing approach that can offer hours of cleaning which will always fit in with your business needs.

Exact Cleaning Ltd provides a service to many different types of companies extending from small sole trader offices to multi-purposes business offices. As well as providing standard daily office clean we also supply many specialist services at cost-effective rates.

Our on-site surveys are comprehensive and we work in partnership with you to ensure you receive the service you require. Our strict quality control systems, coupled with our Management structure, will ensure you receive the service you signed up to. Our aim is to have a long-term relationship with you, based upon honesty and trust.

All the products that we purchase and use are environmentally friendly and all our staff are trained to the highest possible standards.


We simply provide your office cleaning exactly the way you like it. We make a detailed list of all of your requirements and areas that need to be cleaned, and benchmark the standards that you require.

Then we make sure that it is completed to that standard every time.

We encourage your feed-back and pride ourselves in offering customer satisfaction. We will monitor the standard of our cleaning services on a daily basis and give you the opportunity to make comments.

We design comprehensive cleaning schedules

We benchmark your expectation of our service

We monitor our service daily

We encourage your feed-back and comments

We provide your office cleaning exactly the way you like it


Effective cleaning is about making sure that all of the office is clean, not just the obvious areas that everyone sees. We make sure that we cover every detail of your offices to make sure that everything is clean.

It is the small things that can make a difference; removing dust from the tops of light switches, cleaning the legs of tables, wiping down window blinds and making sure that rooms are left with chairs replaced under tables.

We take that extra effort to make sure that when you enter your office in the morning it looks neat and fresh.

We cover every detail of your cleaning requirements

We make sure that everything is placed properly

We keep even the deepest recesses dust free

All of our staff are thorough and make that extra effort


One of the biggest problems that companies face is when their cleaner does not turn up for work. More often than not the only time that you find out about this is when you get complaints from your office staff the next morning.

We work hard to make sure that we recruit the right type of experienced cleaning staff who understand the importance of providing a quality service every time they are expected to do so.

We have rigorous systems in place to ensure that our cleaning staff are able to meet their obligations every day. We have a pool of hard working and energetic staff who are able to cover in cases of emergency.

We make sure that your cleaning requirements are fulfilled every time you expect them to be, without fail or interruption.

We have conscientious and reliable cleaning staff

We have a pool of available staff to cover emergencies

We have rigorous systems to ensure we fulfil our obligations

Our staff all understand the importance of providing a quality service


Our staff understand that their service is vital to the way your offices are viewed by your staff or tenants. They make sure that they carry out their duties with the maximum efficiency and the minimum disruption to your staff.

We make sure that all reasonable care is taken to leave the premises in the most presentable state. This can occasionally mean that duties are undertaken over and above those laid out in the cleaning schedule.

It is all about giving you a value added quality service that leaves you with a presentable office environment.

We provide a service that is based upon doing things correctly

We understand that the most important thing is a clean office

We care about the presentation of your offices

We go the extra mile to get things right

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