Professional Office Cleaning Exactly The Way You Like It

Exact Cleaning Ltd provides a service to many different types of companies and we work in partnership with you to ensure you receive the service you require.

We are passionate about providing a quality service and we will provide you with a tailor-made cleaning service exactly the way you want it.


We simply provide your office cleaning exactly the way you like it. We make a detailed list of all of your requirements and areas that need to be cleaned, and benchmark the standards that you require.
Then we make sure that it is completed to that standard every time.


Effective cleaning is about making sure that all of the office is clean, not just the obvious areas that everyone sees. We make sure that we cover every detail of your offices to make sure that everything is clean.


One of the biggest problems that companies face is when their cleaner does not turn up for work. More often than not the only time that you find out about this is when you get complaints from your office staff the next morning.


Our staff understand that their service is vital to the way your offices are viewed by your staff or tenants. They make sure that they carry out their duties with the maximum efficiency and the minimum disruption to your staff.

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